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cellophane bags
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cellophane bags  
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Self Sealing Assorted Bags 2.5 x 5

50 Cellophane Bags
Item#: SKU1922MAY01  
2.5 x 5 Self Sealing Cellophane Bags 50 Assorted bags.  Awesome DEAL!   50 bags that have 5 different designs in the same size. Use them for mailing business cards and samples together. Small printed business card sized self-sealing cellophane bags are like little cellophane envelopes to slip in your business card and a sample or info to hand out to customers. The bags are flat, not gusseted. 
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2.5 x 5 Self Sealing Cellophane Bags. 50 Assorted bags!

Awesome DEAL!    That's 50 bags that have 5 different designs in the same size. Fill a 2.5 x 5 cellophane bag with a business card and sample to give away to potential customers. Make up a bunch of these bags at one time and keep several in your purse because you can never give away too many business cards. Bag background is clear. Bags are food safe.

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