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4 x 9.5 Gusseted Cellophane Bags for product deliveries and gifts approx 3.5 x 8 inches. Printed cello bags with designs and clear cellophane bags available. These cello bags are food safe and can hold bulky items since they are gusseted. Tie with a ribbon to finish the gift package. Clear and printed designs cello bags. Food safe cello bags. Use this size for larger products, 1-2 smaller product deliveries, tying with a bow & making customers feel special.


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A Beautiful Blossom 4x9 4x9 Cellophane Bags
cellophane bags
SKU13AUG003 4 x 9 Cellophane Bags Assorted 10 Packs50 Cellophane Bags
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SKU21FEB03CP A Pretty Pansy Combo 4x9NEW COMBO!
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A Spring Special Combo 4 x 9
gusseted cello bag bottom
Cellophane Bags
SKU13OCT206 Christmas Stripes 4 x 9 inch Cellophane BagsRed, Green and Gold Stripes
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Pretty Flowers 4x9 inch Cellophane Bags
SKU17SEP011 Pretty Flowers 4x9 inch Cellophane BagsLime, Blue and Pink
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silver and gold stars Combo Pack 4X9
SKU21MAY05 Silver and Gold Stars Combo Pack 4x9NEW! 3x5 & 4x9
silver stars Combo Pack 4X9
SKU20CPJUN005 Silver Stars Combo Pack 4x93x5 & 4x9