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Belt Purse Charms KeyChains - what fun jewelry! Our charms can be hung on your blue jeans belt loops, your purse or tote bag and also on your keychains. Charms make your items unique and personal. We have promotional design charms, stone charms, metal charms and unique shaped charms.

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Butterfly Keychain
SKU7SEP44 Butterfly Keychain
Cell Phone Charm - Heart & Beads Set
SKU7SEP45 Cell Phone Charm - Heart & Beads Set
Cow Girl Keychain
SKU7SEP47 Cow Girl Keychain
Daisy Lady Bug Keychain
SKU7SEP50 Daisy Lady Bug Keychain
HIS Keychain
SKU8MAR601 HIS Keychain
Key Wallet with Tapestry Design
SKU8FEB031 Key Wallet with Tapestry Design
Pink Flower Keychain
SKU7OCT056 Pink Daisy Flower Keychain
Poker Keychain
Purple Daisy Key Chain
SKU7OCT019 Purple Daisy Key Chain
Yellow Crown Keychain
SKU7NOV064 Yellow Crown Keychain