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Class and Show Supplies. Find Headbands, Sample Containers, Ziplock printed bags and more to aid you in your classes, shows and demos. Give away samples using our sample containers, ziplocks and other aids to give away product samples. Our Business Card Cases are really nice for biz cards and promoting your business to others.

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100 Red Lip 3x5 Resealable Bags
SKUAU53 100 Red Lip 3x5 Resealable Bags
Time to Shine Cards
SKU21MAR01 A Time to Shine CardsNEW - 50 Pack
Balloons Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU17DEC008 Balloons Poly Mailers 10x13
Beautiful Roses Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN19 Beautiful Roses Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Designer Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN18 Designer Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Display Fabric
Disposable Lip Brushes
SKU8AUG005 Disposable Lip Brushes50 Brushes
Disposable Mascara Wands
SKU13DEC012 Disposable Mascara Wands50 Brushes per pkg
Disposable Spatulas
SKU13DEC013 Disposable Spatulas50 Spatulas per pkg
Disposable Eye Shadow Applicators
SKU13DEC010 Disposable Sponge Tip Eye Shadow Applicators50 Applicators per pkg/Buy 3 Get 1 Free
Divas Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN17 Divas Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Faith Over Fear Cards
SKU21APR04 Faith Over Fear CardsNEW - 50 Pack
Flamingo Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN15 Flamingo Poly Mailers 10x13
Free Gift Because You're So Cute Cards
SKU21APR03 Free Gift Because You're So Cute CardsNEW - 50 Pack
Garland Hearts
Garland Stars
Inspirational Mouse Pads
Lipstick Writing Pens
SKU21SEP002 Lipstick Writing PensNEW!
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Lipstick Writing Pens
SKU22OCT07 Lipstick Writing Pens Grab BagNEW!
Lots of Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU17DEC002 Lots of Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13
Page Saver Book
SKU12MAY100 Page Saver Book
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Cosmetic Bags set of 12 Pink & Orange Vinyl
SKU114 Pink and Orange Vinyl Zippered BagsBack in Stock!
Poly Mailer Combo 10x13
SKU24FEB01 Poly Mailer Assortment PackNEW COMBO!
SKU22OCT04 Pretty Pink Headbands
Sample Containers
SKUJU64 Sample ContainersNew Colors!
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SKU19CPSAMPLES Sample Supply Combo
Sparkle Cards
SKU21APR02 Sparkle CardsNEW - 50 Pack
Stars and Stripes Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU17DEC006 Stars and Stripes Poly Mailers 10x13
Stickers Contents Inside
SKU15OCT070 Stickers Contents Inside
Stickers Make it Happen
SKU15JUL001 Stickers Make it Happen
Stickers Show up
SKU15JUL002 Stickers Show Up
Stickers You are in the Top 10!
SKU7F012 Stickers You are in the Top 10!
Stickers You are on Target!
SKU7F009 Stickers You are on Target!
Thank You Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN16 Thank You Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Zip Lock Bags
SKU318 Zip Lock Type Resealable Bags100 bags per pkg
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