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NEW! Bundles, combo packs, and collections to provide the best value with a variety of selections. 
Adding new ones often, check back frequently.
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2x6 Gift Set Cellophane Bags
3 x 7 gift set Cellophane Bags
A Beautiful Blossom 4x9 4x9 Cellophane Bags
5 x 11 gift set Cellophane Bags
6 x 13 gift set Cellophane Bags
cellophane bags
SKU13AUG001 3 x 7.5 Cellophane Bags Assorted 10 Packs50 Cellophane Bags
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Gift Set Cellophane Bags
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cellophane bags
SKU13AUG003 4 x 9 Cellophane Bags Assorted 10 Packs50 Cellophane Bags
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cellophane bags
SKU13AUG005 5 x 11 Cellophane Bags Assorted 10 Packs50 Cellophane Bags
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cellophane bags
SKU13AUG006 6 x 13 Cellophane Bags Assortment50 Cellophane Bags
6.25 x 9.5 cellophane bags
SKU20MAY29 6.25 x 9.5 and 6.25x10 Self Sealing Assorted BagsNEW! 50 Cellophane Bags
cellophane bags
SKU13AUG007 7 x 18 Cellophane Bags Assorted - 50 Bags50 Cellophane Bags
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SKU19CPYELLOWHONEYSM A Little Honey Combo Pack 2.5x62.5x6 & 9x12
SKU20CPGRATITUDE3X7 A Lot of Gratitude Combo Pack 3x7NEW
A Lot of Gratitude Combo Pack Pink
SKU20CPGRATPINK A Lot of Gratitude Combo Pack PinkNEW
A Lot of Gratitude Combo Pack Teal
SKU20CPGRATTEAL A Lot of Gratitude Combo Pack TealNEW
SKU19CPMEGA A Mega Super Star Combo Pack6.25x9.5 & 10x13
SKU21FEB03CP A Pretty Pansy Combo 4x9NEW COMBO!
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A Spring Special Combo 3 x 7
A Spring Special Combo 4 x 9
SKU19CPBLMDOTS Blooming Dots Combo Pack 9x126.25x9.5 & 9x12
SKU19CPBIZCATSORBET Blooming Sorbet Combo Pack 9x122.5x6 & 9x12
candy sprinkles combo
SKU21FEBCANDYCP Candy Sprinkles Combo Pack 5x113x7 & 5x11 NEW COMBO!
cellophane bags
SKU19AUG01 Cellophane Bags Assorted 10 Packs - 2.5 x 650 Cellophane Bags
Everything Bags
SKU19MAR001 Classic Cellophane Bag Combo4 sizes of 10 Classic Cellophane Bags
SKU19CPCCUES10SM Color Cues Combo Pack 10x13 & 3x710x13 & 3x7
SKU10CPCCUESSM Color Cues Combo Pack 9x12 & 3x79x12 & 3x7
SKU19CPMEDCATDIVA Diva Combo Pack 9x129X12 & 4.5x11
Diva Combo Triple Pack
SKU20CPJUN006 Diva Combo Triple Pack9x12, 5x8, 3x5
giant combo
SKU20OCT04 Giant Combo AssortmentBiggest Assortment Ever! NEW
gift cards combo pack
SKU20CPCARDS Gift Cards Combo PackNew - 75 cards in total!
Grab Bag 10 Organza Bags
SKU9NOV013 Grab Bag Organza Bags
SKU20CPJUN001 Hot Dots Combo Pack 9x129x12 & 5.5x8.25
Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 10x13
SKU19CPCATENVAQUA Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 10x134.5x11 & 10x13
Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 9x12
SKU21FEBAQUACP Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 9x122.5 x 7 & 9x12 New Combo!
SKU19CPBLKWTCAT Jewel Black & White Combo Pack 9x12
SKU19CPBIZSMCATBLK Jewel Black Combo Pack 4.5x113x5 & 4.5x11
Jewel Combo Pack 4x11
SKU19CPJEWEL4X11 Jewel Combo Pack 4x114 different colors
jewel frosted
SKU21FEBFROSTEDCP Jewel Frosted Combo Pack6x13 & 2x6 NEW COMBO!
jewel gold
SKU21FEBGOLDCP Jewel Gold Combo Pack 2.5x62.5x6 & 9x12 NEW COMBO!
SKU19CPBIZENVGOLD Jewel Gold Combo Pack 4.375x5.752.5x5 & 4.375x5.75
jewel gold combo pack 9x12
SKUFEBGOLDCP5x8 Jewel Gold Combo Pack 5x89x12 & 5.5x8.25 NEW COMBO!
SKU19CPCATENVLAV Jewel Lavender Combo Pack 10x134.5x11 & 10x13
SKU19CPLIMEPINK Jewel Lime & Pink Combo Pack9x12 & 3x5
SKU19CPBIZCATLGLM Jewel Lime Combo Pack 9x123x5 & 9x12
Jewel Colors
SKU19CPJEWEL Jewel Variety Pack5 packs of 10 Pre-sealed Bags
SKU19CPGUSSKISSES Kisses Combo Pack 5x112.5x6 x 5x11
Kisses Red Combo Pack 3x7
SKU20CPJUN004 Kisses Red Combo Pack 3x73x7 & 4.75x6.5
let it snow assortment cellophane bags
SKU20OCT01 Let it Snow Assorted 10 Packs 3 x 7.5NEW - 50 Cellophane Bags
More Silver Stars Combo Pack 4X9
SKU20CPJUN005 More Silver Stars Combo Pack 4x93x5 & 4x9
SKU19CPPINKPPLSTARS Pink Stars & Purple Stars Combo Pack2.5x5 & 4.75x6.5
SKU19CPRBHEARTSSM Rainbow Hearts Combo Pack 3x710x13 & 3x7
SKU19CPRBHEARTSLG Rainbow Hearts Combo Pack 5x1110x13 & 5x11
MGH Sample Pack
SKU9OCT100 Sample Pack
SKU19CPSAMPLES Sample Supply Combo
cellophane bags
SKU1922MAY01 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 2.5 x 550 Cellophane Bags
cellophane bags
SKU1922MAY02 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 3 x 550 Cellophane Bags
4.5 x 11cellophane bags
SKU20MAY11 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 4.5 x 11NEW! 50 Cellophane Bags
5.5 x 8.25 cellophane bags
SKU20MAY28 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 5.5 x 8.25NEW! 50 Cellophane Bags
cellophane bags
SKU1922MAY03 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 9 x 1250 Cellophane Bags
Everything Bags
SKU18MAR001 Self-Sealing Combo5 packs of 10 Pre-sealed Cellophane Bags
SKU20APR03 Signature Gift AssortmentNEW ITEM!
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SKU20AUG01 Tulle Rose ComboNEW!
White Sassy Swirl Combo Triple Pack
SKU20CPJUN007 White Sassy Swirl Combo Triple Pack9x12, 4.75x6.5, 2x6
SKU19CPBIZENVZEBRA Zebra Combo Pack 6.25x9.53x5 & 6.25x9.5