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LED Badge
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LED Badge in pink or black

Item#: SKU7A062  
LED Badge in pink or black outer case. LED Badge is an electronic scrolling text message badge you can wear! Made of sturdy black plastic and has a magnetic back to easily attach to clothing, bags, etc. Program the LED Badge to say whatever you want up to 50 characters! Message scrolls across screen like a marquee and you can choose one of 5 speeds for it to move. Wear or display your badge on your purse or bag wherever you go, but have your business cards ready to hand out when they ask you about your badge and message!
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The LED Badge comes complete in package with 1 spare 3.0V battery (CR2032), complete instructions and badge.
LED is 28x5 red dot matrix display
Memory:  50 characters
Speed:  5 circulation display speed

See the Badge in action!  Use either of these links to view in Windows Media Player or whatever your default player is for each format:
14.4mb:  mpg file
167kb:    avi file
This is just an example of what you can program your badge to say.  This example is set to speed 4.
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