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Motivation Bundle Stickers
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Motivation Bundle Stickers

Motivation Bundle Stickers. Now that you have a team, you’ll want to keep them motivated to perform in their business.  As you send postcards and cards and use stickers on things you give and mail to them, they’ll be excited to work the business and make a difference in their lives and the lives of their customers.

This Bundle includes: 6 sheets of Postcards (4 cards of each design= total 24), 5 sheets of premium, eye-catching shiny stickers (total 240) and 1 card with envelope.  Graphic shows sticker sheets and enlargements of the individual design slogans.  The graphics on all these products are designed to work with both sides of the brain, the colorful designs draw people to read them, and then, because of the graphic designs, the subconscious part of the brain will read them over and over again with just a glance.

Order this bundle NOW and to keep in touch with your team and motivate them to achieve their dreams!  Get ALL of these items for only $17.00

**Individual items are subject to change based on availability. They would be similar usage and value.


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SKU15MAYJB017Motivation Bundle Stickers$17.00
Detailed Description

Here are more details of the items included in the Motivation Bundle:
5 Sheets of Stickers:
-- How I’m Dreaming Big COMBO sheet (48)

(Includes: I'm Dreamin' Big, Dream Big, & Set your course, Follow your dream!)
-- Make a Difference COMBO sheet! (70)
(Includes: You make a Difference, Make a Difference Circles and rectangles)
-- Welcome to the T E A M! Together Everyone Achieves More (20)

-- Encouragement SET STICKER sheet (70): 5 different Stickers (14 of each) include: 
Be the Best you can be,
Work will Win when Wishing won’t,
When you Believe, All things are possible
Inch by inch… Everything’s a cinch,
Believe it… You can achieve it!,

-- Motivate & Inspire COMBO STICKER sheet (54): 9 each of 5 different designs and 18 of 1.
 Sticker designs include:

The Fortune is in the Follow Up$
Be a Star,
I Believe in you!
Consistent Activity = Consistent Income
Believe it you can achieve it! (18)

--SIX sheets of Motivation Postcards (4 of the same card on each of 6 perforated sheets= total 24)
These are perfect to send to your team.  Designs included are:
Welcome to the T E A M! Together Everyone Achieves More
Dream Big
Today’s Effort makes Tomorrow’s Dreams come true
Success is yours the minute you decide you want it!
Make your Dreams come true…it’s up to you!
Believe in your Dreams

-- 1 Dream Big CARD with envelope!

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