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Printed 2.5 x 5 Biz Card Self-Sealing Cello Bags. Small printed business card sized self-sealing Cellophane bags are like little cellophane envelopes to slip in your business card and a sample or info to hand out to customers. Self-sealing cello bags make very nice cellophane envelopes. Fill a 2.5x5 inch cellophane bag with a business card and sample to give away to potential customers. Choose printed or clear cello bags. Make up a bunch of these bags at one time and keep several in your purse because you can never give away too many business cards. Add a little confetti inside your business card sized bag for some bling and sparkle!

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Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 9x12
SKU21FEBAQUACP Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 9x122.5 x 7 & 9x12 New Combo!
SKU19CPBIZENVGOLD Jewel Gold Combo Pack 4.375x5.752.5x5 & 4.375x5.75
cellophane bags
SKU1922MAY01 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 2.5 x 550 Cellophane Bags