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Printed 9 x 12 Self-Sealing Cellophane Bags. Self-sealing cello flat envelopes. Use this sized bag for training packets, newsletters, hostess packets, recruiting packets, glamour books and all types of literature. The following will fit in this size bag: All Avon® Brochures, BeautiControl®, Wineshop at Home®, MaryKay® literature, lia sophia® literature, Jordan Essentials®, Homemade Gourmet®, Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog® and Stampin' Up! Decor Elements® Catalog and PartyLite Everyday®. Cellophane flat self sealing envelopes are available in clear or printed designs.

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SKU19CPYELLOWHONEYSM A Little Honey Combo Pack 2.5x62.5x6 & 9x12
SKU19CPBLMDOTS Blooming Dots Combo Pack 9x126.25x9.5 & 9x12
SKU19CPBIZCATSORBET Blooming Sorbet Combo Pack 9x122.5x6 & 9x12
SKU10CPCCUESSM Color Cues Combo Pack 9x12 & 3x79x12 & 3x7
SKU19CPMEDCATDIVA Diva Combo Pack 9x129X12 & 4.5x11
Diva Combo Triple Pack
SKU20CPJUN006 Diva Combo Triple Pack9x12, 5x8, 3x5 - NEW!
SKU20CPJUN001 Hot Dots Combo Pack 9x129x12 & 5.5x8.25 - NEW!
SKU19CPBLKWTCAT Jewel Black & White Combo Pack 9x12NEW
SKU19CPLIMEPINK Jewel Lime & Pink Combo Pack9x12 & 5.5x8.25
SKU19CPBIZCATLGLM Jewel Lime Combo Pack 9x123x5 & 9x12
cellophane bags
SKU1922MAY03 Self Sealing Assorted Bags 9 x 1250 Cellophane Bags
White Sassy Swirl Combo Triple Pack
SKU20CPJUN007 White Sassy Swirl Combo Triple Pack9x12, 4.75x6.5, 2x6 - NEW!