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Please call our California Warehouse to place your order directly at 877-675-5519. Shred Fillers for gift bags, boxes and baskets. Find fine, regular, crinkle and metallic shred fillers. Shred fillers add height to your packages and can also be a color compliment item. Keep shred fillers on hand so you are ready at a moments notice to gift wrap an item using a gift bag, basket, box or container.
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Shreds Excelsior
SKU265 Shreds Excelsior
Out of Stock
Shreds Fine Metallic
SKU8MAR020 Shreds Fine Metallic
Out of Stock
Shreds Metallic
SKU267 Shreds Metallic
Out of Stock
Shreds Parchment
SKU8MAR021 Shreds Parchment
Out of Stock
Ribbon Shred
SKU8MAR022 Shreds Ribbon
Out of Stock
Shreds Tissue
SKU268 Shreds Tissue
Out of Stock
Tinted Wood Shavings
SKU8MAR025 Tinted Wood Shavings
Out of Stock