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Spring and Summer Self Sealing Bags
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SKU21CPAQUA Aqua Gratitude Combo Pack 3x5NEW COMBO!
SKU21AUG01CP Aqua Jewel Combo PackNEW
SKU19CPBIZCATSORBET Blooming Sorbet Combo Pack 9x122.5x6 & 9x12
self-sealing cellophane envelope
SKU23FEB01 Hot Pink Combo PackNEW!
Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 10x13
SKU19CPCATENVAQUA Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 10x134.5x11 & 10x13
Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 9x12
SKU21FEBAQUACP Jewel Aqua Combo Pack 9x122.5 x 7 & 9x12 New Combo!
Jewel Combo Pack 4x11
SKU19CPJEWEL4X11 Jewel Combo Pack 4x114 different colors
SKU19CPBIZENVGOLD Jewel Gold Combo Pack 4.375x5.752.5x5 & 4.375x5.75
SKU19CPCATENVLAV Jewel Lavender Combo Pack 10x134.5x11 & 10x13
SKU19CPRBHEARTSSM Rainbow Hearts Combo Pack 3x710x13 & 3x7
SKU19CPRBHEARTSLG Rainbow Hearts Combo Pack 5x1110x13 & 5x11
SKU23FEB02 Sweet Lavender Combo PackNEW!