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Gift bags made of paper, plastic, foil and mylar. Gift bags for weddings, parties, birthdays, all occasions. Cellophane Gusseted Bags also make great gift bags! Lots of sizes, designs and colors gift bags. Don't forget tissue paper for your gift bags and shred fillers. Need a bow? We have a large selection of ribbons and bows too!


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Birthday Paper Gift Bags
SKU8JUN050 8 x 10 Birthday Paper Gift BagsBack in stock!
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Balloons Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU17DEC008 Balloons Poly Mailers 10x13
Beautiful Roses Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN19 Beautiful Roses Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Designer Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN18 Designer Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Divas Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN17 Divas Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!
Flamingo Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN15 Flamingo Poly Mailers 10x13
Lots of Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU17DEC002 Lots of Hearts Poly Mailers 10x13
Party Paper Bags Leopard
SKU15NOV104 Party Paper Bags Leopard10 Pack
Party Paper Bags Pink Leopard
SKU15NOV105 Party Paper Bags Pink Leopard10 Pack
Party Paper Bags Zebra
SKU15NOV106 Party Paper Bags Zebra10 Pack
Poly Mailer Combo 10x13
SKU24FEB01 Poly Mailer Assortment PackNEW COMBO!
Stars and Stripes Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU17DEC006 Stars and Stripes Poly Mailers 10x13
Thank You Poly Mailers 10x13
SKU20JUN16 Thank You Poly Mailers 10x13NEW!